Production Update #2


So last Thursday (05/12/13), our second meeting as a team took place, and we officially began rehearsals with the play ‘up on it’s feet’.  Here is what I learned this time…

I will from now on, always listen to the wise words of David Mamet, who in his book ‘On Directing’ stated that stage directions are likely to be ignored.  I was hoping to co-direct this piece (probably an element of my control-freak nature coming out there…), but found that actually, the director is great and I’d much rather observe the process.  Instead of interjecting where I noticed my stage directions where being ignored and/or changed, I found myself staying silent.  I found that watching the rehearsal process, but being not of it (much like the Talamasca in that respect) was both fascinating and terrifying.  The latter because with each tiny change that was made, I felt a sense of irrational panic that my work was going to be altered so dramatically that it would become unrecognisable to me.  This is silly, obviously, but the sense of losing control over what I envisioned was both unpleasant and liberating – and I think this is teaching me a valuable lesson about the professional world of writing.  Of course I already know that scripts and novels will be edited and criticised, but now I know how this actually feels I imagine that I am far more equipped to dealing with this reality in the future.  Additionally, I am learning (reluctantly I admit), that little things, like stage directions, don’t really matter.  I realised that even with lots of small changes, the overall context of the piece itself, and the characters, remained firmly intact.  I guess as long as the message is clear enough in the writing, I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.  But letting go is hard!


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