Production Update #4

The first rehearsal of the year was very productive, with a couple of the actors managing a fair amount off script and we are now able to rehearse in the theatre, which is very exciting! We moved the set around a little (we have a balcony and now that we’re in the space we could finally make a decision on how to build it and where it should go in relation to the audience). Over Christmas I created a facebook group for the cast and crew just so I can keep track of things and alert everyone to rehearsal changes, etc, at short notice.

Okay, so changes:

I decided that actually, I would act as A.D and give some input. It’s quite possible that I’d like to remain attached to a lot of my work in the future so I thought it would be silly to waste the opportunity to have a go now, especially since I know the director and feel quite comfortable making mistakes around him!  We’ve decided on a change in title so the play is now called ‘Kill ‘Em in the Brain!’, rather than ‘Things That Go Chomp In The Night’. I feel that the title is now punchier, and gives way more to the type of humour within the play. Additionally, it’s a line within the play and I always appreciate this sort of detail when I go to watch something.

I have yet to change the ending, but this will happen soon, and some minor changes to the dialogue in the script are being changed as I’ve found the opportunity to push the humour a little more in certain places. This is down to the humour injected by some of the actors themselves, and lines that have just slipped out accidentally in place of what they were meant to say. I told them that when in the swing of things during rehearsal to just go with it if something other than what I wrote occurred to them, if they felt it was more expressive of their character or more natural to the scene. Obviously, the stipulation was that the next person would still need their cue, and the essence of what was being said must remain the same – but this freedom really made for some hilarious results.

What I’m now finding, particularly with certain parts blocked to a fine point, as that the script is evolving quickly. The important things remain the same, but the way in which the story is being interpreted by the director and the actors is adding so much more depth to the characters – a lot of their ideas are things I’m really kicking myself over just because I didn’t think of them initially. Also, I’m finding that I’m thinking of a lot more ideas myself, as I’m drawing on the strengths of the actors that we have cast.

To chart these changes in my writing I will shortly be uploading the original script to my blog, and also the alternative versions that are being developed as the process continues.


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2 responses to “Production Update #4

  1. Much admiration Kayleigh! Sounds like an amazing process.

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