Production Update #5

The play is really coming along now 🙂 On my Writing Examples page you can find the original script (excuse the formatting for the time being, a final draft will be uploaded in it’s place once final changes have been made). Underneath is a file link to what has been edited by myself, the director Rob Dean, and additions/cuts suggested by the cast. Changes are highlighted in red, with explanations for these changes underlined in green.

Kill ‘Em in the Brain – Edit 1

Some changes were made just for the sake of practicality, what works on paper is sometimes very difficult to actually block and this is a lesson I feel has been extremely valuable to me as a writer. In future I will be acting out what I write with willing friends, just to make sure that what is on paper is doable effectively. All of the changes highlighted in the Edit 1 will not necessarily go down in my Final Draft as some of them are Robs directorial decisions and every director would do something different. However, I thought it useful to cite them here so as so pay attention to how my material is being worked with, interpreted and manipulated (all with positive results, I think, so far).

I’ve been encouraging the cast to improvise during rehearsals according to what they feel their character may do/say at particular moments. The system we now have is that they don’t run these changes by me first, they just perform them and if Rob and I like what they’ve done we include it. This has turned my work into a collaborative process – and much to my surprise I’m absolutely loving the experience. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve finally ‘let go’ when it comes to how my script is being adjusted, mostly because I’ve realised that everyone else’s opinion is very valuable. Rather than fighting the changes, as I was a little at the beginning, I’m now embracing what each person is adding.

Set pic 1

Above is a picture of Scott (playing Gez) being directed by Rob Dean (in his lovely pink shirt). This is the basic set up of the stage, as seen from the left side of the audience. That little structure on the left of the picture there is what we’re working with as our balcony at the moment, although we will be building this up. In the middle we have our sofa, which much of the action revolves around, and scattered on the floor there is a load of popcorn (not so tasty once it’s been on the floor unfortunately..).

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