Production Update #6

Just a quick update regarding the initial sound meeting with our sound technician, Michael Edwards. Wee bit of background about him: he’s a first year Music Tech student also at The Atrium, is 20 years old and as you might have guessed by his surname, is my brother. I asked him to do the sound for our production because he’s extremely reliable, trustworthy and hard working. He thinks this will be a great experience in terms of work and is very enthusiastic about the production as a whole. Additionally (and this isn’t so much sibling bias as general consensus among all who are familiar with his music), he is a phenomenal musician and composer. He’s achieved grades for several instruments, including grade 8 drums and can play everything from percussion to the ocarina, from the saxophone to the piano. Brother aside, I wanted him as Head of Sound because he’s a highly intelligent, skilled and creative individual who I think will add another layer of creativity and depth to the production.

I gave him a list of sound effects we need (identified by myself in the script and then others by Rob during rehearsals), and he’s agreed to attend rehearsals from now on to get a ‘reading’ of the rehearsals, and in 2 weeks he will start filtering in sound so the actors can get used to it. Additionally, he has read the script and has suggested some sound effects of his own to add in some extra comedy moments where he felt there was an opportunity – so I’m quite excited to see what he’s come up with. As the audio clips and sound bites become available they will be uploaded with the production updates so that you guys can get a sense of the atmosphere we’re trying to create.

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