There Can Be Only One…

….One assignment left to hand in, that is.

The last deadline is in September for the Major Project and instead of celebrating this my brain is screaming the word ‘No’ in that long, overdrawn and highly dramatic way it does when you dread something. I don’t want to leave school and go back out into the real world – it’s a battlefield out there!

In an effort to neutralise that feeling of terror of being flung back into society as an apparently more equipped individual I have been.. er.. well, equipping myself actually. I’m been prowling the web and the Writer’s and Artist’s yearbook for competitions, submission deadlines, festivals and anything else I can enter to get my name out there.

I’m obnoxiously chasing up ‘sort of, maybe’ opportunities.

I’ve even been watching lectures on youtube… (okay, well that’s already something I do to ‘relax’, I clearly have no life outside of learning). Which brings me to my point I guess, I really love the course. I’ve absolutely loved every second of it as it happens, I’ve learned so much in this last year, I wish I could do another.. and another.. and another…

If anyone is interested in listening to some free podcasts about/put together by writers, go ahead and check out The Writer’s Circle. I stumbled across them on Facebook of all places (another untapped resource for writer’s groups and competitions).

It’s time to start thinking about what happens after the course is finished because, and I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself, there’s no way in hell I’m going to continue working mundane jobs when I feel like could be writing instead. I’m really keen to get some active projects on the go and start doing some proper work, even if it’s just for me. If anyone wants to team up to do anything, especially anything horror or comedy related, please let me know! We’ll have a blast!


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5 responses to “There Can Be Only One…

  1. Thanks for the comment Richard! Is there anything that should be on my blog that’s not on here yet? I forget this is part of the course sometimes as I just love to witter away on here!

    • richjaffa

      This should be a window onto you and your writing that you might show to people interested in hiring you. Details like contact address and location are important. Previous MA students have got work through their wordpress site. BBC actively requests site of blogs and relevant social media. The more professional the better. Good luck. Richard S

  2. richjaffa

    There’s a clue in here for everyone on the Sciptwriting MA! Keep at it and avoid the cold hard slap of rejection…. Richard S

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