Hey all, just a quick one to mention that I’ve updated my ‘Current Projects’, ‘CV’, ‘Links’, and ‘MA Notebook’ pages. The latter page is just a post basically (the last date entry on the page) about the Major Project. Also, I’ve added a new page ‘Kayleigh’s Slate’.

Also just wanted to talk about entering competitions. I’ve been sending work out left, right and centre, some with good responses and competition placings, and others with no replies at all. I think the rejection is an important part of the process, and in a bizarre way has been really good. The first couple stung a bit (okay, maybe more than a bit.. there was an incident in which I decided that my dream of writing was over, that I was total crap and that I would never take to my keyboard again…), but then I got over it.

I think there’s something to be said for getting some rejections out of the way while we still have the luxury of getting advice from our lecturers before we graduate. Suddenly, the sound advice of someone who knows what they’re talking about (they’ve had their own rejections), takes the sting out just a bit. Posting about it here helps as well I think, even though airing a failure really punches my pride in the face. I guess what I’m babbling about is this – our rejections are no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but our successes will be. So let’s get those doors slammed in our faces sooner rather than later, so we can knock on the ones that will swing wide open!

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