Look! Look!

I came across this not too long, and am extremely flattered! I never thought I’d see a day where someone mentions my work, and he was so positive too! Thanks very much Paul M. Feeney 🙂

If anyone wants to have a read of what he had to say about my writing, follow the link!


Also, some other exciting news, Kill ’em in the Brain may be coming back to a theatre near you! I’ve had interest from not one, but two separate parties for it (thanks Jen and Ash!), so have my fingers crossed and I’m very flattered once again 🙂

I have a brand, spanking, new article up on a brand, spanking new website (well, new to me anyway – check out the link on my ‘PORTFOLIO’ page if you’re interested).

I’ll have some exciting announcements soon on some upcoming work as well. That’s if my brain doesn’t explode first – I’ve never been so busy in all my life, I’ve forgotten what sleep is and I think it’s made me go a bit peculiar to tell the truth. Still, I’m not complaining!


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  1. Very welcome, you lunatic 🙂

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