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Another small step…

I was placed in another monthly short story competition today, so I have a second story published online. I haven’t quite got to first and second place though and could really use some criticism so I know which areas to work on. If anyone has five minutes to read a short story, I’d be much obliged if you could tell me what you think!



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It Catches Up

It Catches Up is a short story I recently wrote and entered into a monthly competition. I’ve submitted stories before but have never been chosen.. until this month!

It Catches Up came in third place out of 5, and is now published on the Spinetinglers website. I won some money and everything (just a bit, but hey, this is the first bit of money I’ve EVER earned from writing!).

If anyone’s interested in reading it, the link is below. You can’t comment on the website unless you sign up, but you can leave a star rating and if you would, I’d be very appreciative. If I get enough ratings, my story will also be published in the annual anthology in print next year.

I’d love any feedback/criticisms on the story though, so please feel free to comment on this post!

Thanks to anyone who takes 5 mins to have a little read 🙂


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The Cold Hard Slap of Rejection

I felt it today… that slap. I submitted a short story to a competition, hoping to be placed in the top 5 so that it would be published on the website. Well, the winners have been announced.. and I’m not one of them. This has led me to deduce that if I’m not a winner I must be a loser *cries dramatically*, oh the heartache!! I was pleased with that little story.

The hardest part of this ‘rejection’ I’m suffering (yes, suffering) is that you don’t get any feedback about why your story wasn’t selected so it’s really hard to focus on an area of improvement. Out of pure spite (you know, because I’m suffering) I have not yet read the 5 winning stories, but I suspect that when I do I’ll be able to reflect on my own work and see what was missing. For the time being I’ve decided to do something that scares the bejeesus out of me – post it here and ask you what you think is wrong with it. I can take the criticism (I really can, I promise!), I’m just quite nervous because I’ve never let anyone I actually know read one of my stories.

The brief was simply to write something horror-based with a 5000 word maximum limit. If anyone has time to read it and comment I’d be most appreciative, I really need the feedback!

The Collector


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