My first solo short story release happened this month, and it’s been an experience! It’s available on Kindle through Amazon for £1.99, and the reviews so far have been most kind. I’ve had a lot of support from friends and family, but even more so from fellow writers, publishers, editors and others I know who work in creative professions. Thanks for the support, it’s given me a lot of encouragement!

If you’d like to read my ramblings for yourself, follow the link below!

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First Release!

I’ve managed to make my way into 7 anthologies over the last year (flash fictions and short stories.. yay!), and I’m very excited to announce that my first individual release is now available for pre-order on amazon (available on Feb 1st). It’s a comedy/horror short story called Bitey Bachman, and is published by Sinister Horror Company.


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Learning to Write

Before beginning my Scriptwriting MA, I thought I knew how to write (well, stories anyway). Since completing it, I realised that the MA was just the beginning of a huge learning curve.

Writing a feature-length cinema script is different from a 30 minute TV series episode, and that TV episode is completely different to writing a flash fiction piece. A flash fiction is different to a novel, and a novel is a whole other ball park to an article. Or is it?

Though the end results of all those types of work differ massively, I found that the process is just the same. Learning how to write a succinct synopsis for a 90-minute play turned out to be how I learned to write concisely enough to churn out some decent flash fiction.

Practicing with flash fiction, so keeping a story under 200 words, for example, proved very useful when I tried my hand at writing short articles. The research process for my MA project taught me how to formulate a pretty good research system for non-fiction pieces and short stories too.

To summarise my point, completing that MA is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself because I’m actually beginning to build a career out of the transferable skills I learned. I’ve had 2 plays staged, but most of my paid work has come in the form of short stories, and most of my experience has come from writing articles. I can’t believe how useful those lessons in writing turned out to be, basically for every style I’ve turned my hand to. I’m not saying I’m a brilliant writer, but I do know I’m a lot better now than I was a year ago, and ten times better than I was a year before that. Practice practice practice!



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I Need You…

After just finishing up a year as a family entertainer, I’m in desperate need of a serious horror fix. I’m talking the stuff that will give me nightmares, the things that will terrify me into sleeping with the lights on, the sorts of horrors that will get me wondering if there’s something stalking me from the shadows.

That’s why, in 2016, I’m embarking on a tour. A spooky tour, if you will. The plan is to travel around the UK, staying in the scariest or ‘most haunted’ locations available. And that’s where you guys come in….

At the moment, I’m a skeptic. I don’t really believe in ghosts, or anything supernatural. But I want to, you guys. I’m bored. I want to be haunted. Since I haven’t decided which places to visit yet, I’m going to leave it to you. Haunted hotels? You got it. Creepy woods that are rumoured to have spirits floating around in them? Sure thing. Inns, castles, anywhere that’s famously haunted, or known locally for being somehow ‘wrong’, I’ll go.

The power is yours. Know of somewhere terrifying that will shake my lack of belief out of me? Let me know and I’ll stay there overnight, alone. This is a review tour like no other, I challenge you guys to find me somewhere that will scare the sh*t out of me. I’ll be going to stay in the top 10 suggested scary places in the UK and Ireland.

No backing out now, I’ve posted it on the internet, the place where everything you say stays public forever. You’ve got until the end of January to cast your votes, I’ll embark on this tour in April. You can comment below, message me on Facebook, or mail your suggestions to me at

Do your worst… go on, really give me some bother. The tour results will be announced here in the first week of February, 2016. Eek!


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Look! Look!

I came across this not too long, and am extremely flattered! I never thought I’d see a day where someone mentions my work, and he was so positive too! Thanks very much Paul M. Feeney 🙂

If anyone wants to have a read of what he had to say about my writing, follow the link!

Also, some other exciting news, Kill ’em in the Brain may be coming back to a theatre near you! I’ve had interest from not one, but two separate parties for it (thanks Jen and Ash!), so have my fingers crossed and I’m very flattered once again 🙂

I have a brand, spanking, new article up on a brand, spanking new website (well, new to me anyway – check out the link on my ‘PORTFOLIO’ page if you’re interested).

I’ll have some exciting announcements soon on some upcoming work as well. That’s if my brain doesn’t explode first – I’ve never been so busy in all my life, I’ve forgotten what sleep is and I think it’s made me go a bit peculiar to tell the truth. Still, I’m not complaining!

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New article :)

Just a quick post to shamelessly plug my most recent article over at the lovely ginger nuts of horror website –

For anyone who cares, it’s basically my musings about why horror fans love horror. What we don’t love is mid-season breaks when we’re really engrossed in The Walking Dead.. hurry up February!

Also, I’ve set up a Facebook group called Writers Assemble! where we can chat and critique our writing, everyone is welcome to it! Quite fun so far, got to read an amazing short story by Frank Spike Bailey McDonald.. you talented little sod!

Hope you’re all well!



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New Ventures

The end of this year is drawing to close, and I have finally hit my super secret target. The target was to get 10 pieces of writing published/commissioned this year. I managed 2 theatre plays, 3 online competition placings, 3 short story publications in softcover and ebook anthologies and I have recently received acceptances from 2 pro-paying markets. I can’t name them yet, as the anthology release dates have not been listed, but I can confirm that both will be out by Feb 2015. That’s my 10.

I’m also delighted to be a new contributor to and must say that I’ve been given the warmest of welcomes by the rest of the team. Thanks to Jim Mcleod for inviting me to the site! Below is a link to my first article, detailing how I became interested in horror. Technically, with this article, I have now exceeded my target! Hope you guys enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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